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8 Apr

Hey Y’all!

It’s been a minute. I’ve actually moved my blog to Tumblr. Please check out & follow me at my new blog, “NOLA Inspired” ->


All the kids have always known that the emperor wears no clothes

17 Mar

“I’m tellin’ ya, Basin Streetis the street Where all the white and dark folk meet New Orleans….. land of dreams you’ll never miss them rice and beans Way down south in New Orleans” — Louis Armstrong, basin street blues

So much is going on…where to begin, readers? Where to begin? I guess first thing is first. I started a rival blog over at tumblr that just focuses on the obsession I have with all things monkeys. Please check out here: MONKEY SEE WHAT MONKEY DO.

Here is a sample of the type of monkey business in store for you @ my new blog:

For more go to my new blog, “Monkey See what Monkey Do

No fear good readers. I do not intend to abandon “art with a nola beat – the blog” for this other blog. I don’t sleep too good so no need to worry if I have the time for both.


"Cardboard Easter NOLA Shotgun (one of a kind painting), $45 (plus shipping)"

To get into the spirit of SPRING I’ve been making a lot EASTER Pastel colored New Orleans Shotguns in the past few weeks. This one is a tad different because I painted it on a piece of CARDBOARD. i’m craaazzzzy, I know. It’s called we’re in a recession and why not? I think it came out pretty cool actually. I love it. I want to make more like this. I even want to keep some of them.

how to hang cardboard art? You could add wire to back like a regular painting OR put it in a frame (I recommend a white frame).

Also over @ my graphic design #etsy shop. The 50 States. 50 Etsy Banner Sets. are in full swing. Check em out!

Samples from 50 States Etsy Banner & Avatar Set

So There Y’all Go!

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. I know you love dogs and hate natural disasters. So have you seen this heart wrenching video from Japan? This dog is waiting by his hurt dog friend for help. It’s so sad. please post this for your readers (video posted below). – james (from buffalo, NY)

I actually did see this video and absolutely broke my heart. There is some good news. I did read that actually the dogs were rescued and his hurt friend is being treated. A some sliver of hope.

The tragedy in Japan is so sad, and it seems that not every day, but every hour more bad news is released. Here are some links on how you can help: TAKE PART.

2. have you seen this pic? it seems to be right up your alley! (image below) – willy (from stix, WA)

this looks everyday in the locker room at the all girl school i went to growing up

thanks for sending this my way. i had not seen it. It’s sort of not the type of monkey business photos I go for since it’s chimps acting pretty natural in their natural habitat. I tend to enjoy the absurd things humans do to chimps (and other apes). But thank you for sending this over here. Muchly appreciated.

That’s it for today! thanks, y’all!

throw me something mister

10 Mar

“Down in New Orleans
Where the blues was born
It takes a cool cat
To blow a horn
On LaSalle and Rampart Street
The combo’s there with a mambo beat”
— The Hawketts, mardi gras mambo

Disclaimer: I tired to post this on Monday, March 07, 2011. WordPress was acting mad funky funky. So please excuse the tardiness of this post. Thank you, lovely & sweet readers.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! (to my non-new orleans/french readers this simply means, “Let the Good Times Roll”) Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!

I am in Los Angeles on Lundi Gras (the day before fat tuesday. lundi + monday in french) and for the past 6 years I have no been in NOLA for Mardi Gras and it always makes me more homesick than usual.

So, to make myself better I did some painting and created a new shotgun house to the collection of NOLA Shotguns at my shop.


"Lundi Gras NOLA Shotgun (one of a kind painting)"

I’ve been working on a bunch of new things in my ETSY SHOP as well opening a new ETSY SHOP. I love creating new banners for my etsy shop and for blogs and what not so I decided to open a new shop. Check it out.

Ak.wohl Graphic Design Etsy Banner Boutique

50 States Etsy Banner Kit Line: I HEART NORTH CAROLINA

I’m making an individual design for each State in the Union. Right now I already have FOR SALE: Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and South Carolina.

Besides 50 state line I have regular ETSY Banner & Avatar Kits. My most popular right now is:


"Mountains of Color"

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. Happy Mardi Gras! Hope you got some yummy king cake all the way out there in Los Angeles during this carnival season. – Julie (from Mobile, AL)

Happy Mardi Gras to you, too! I heard y’all got a great MG in Mobile. Need to check out sometime. I have had sum delicious king cake in LA but because I cheated and had it sent from NOLA Randazzos! check out this yummy piece!

Yummmmy New Orleans King Cake

2. Happy Mardi Gras. Hope all is well with you. I’ve seen that you talk a lot about Randall’s animal youtube videos on your twitter. Which is your favorite? I really like the Jesus Lizard, but the Honey Badger will always have a place in my heart! – Jacques (from Flint, MI)

It’s so hard to pick my favorite. I love all of his videos. He actually wrote to me on twitter! It made my saturday. For those who have no idea what Jacques and I are talking about check out the video that made our beloved Randall famous:

“Honey Badger don’t care!” <— this will stay with me for the rest of my life. So I’d say that Honey Badger is my favorite one, but I do love the Water Chevrotains as well!

For all those Honey Badger fans check out this awesome ETSY Mug from Corduroy:


"Honey Badger Don't Care - Honey Badger Series" by Corduroy

3. what’s up? found u an awesome chimp for the WIN (not #charliesheen #winning. what does u think? – Phil (from Quint, GA) (image below)

This is how I feel on a regular basis just not as chic

This is amazing. Thank you! And never ever write me a question/comment mentioning charlie sheen. thanks. No Sheen but yes to CHIMPS (i get where the confusion would lie but that’s insulting to chimps, ammirght?)

03.10.11 update: I feel like this post is getting long but I need to reward y’all sense wordpress made a huge mistake not posting this when it aught to have been posted. here’s a delicious chimp picture!

I'm not sure, but in the sitcom version of these Chimps' lives they'd be talking to each other on those phones. This is the 21st equivalent of talking on gchat/aim to your roommate as y'all put sit in the living room together

i want the moon on a stick, just to see what is

23 Feb

“I’m going to take a trip to New Orleans
Where nobody cares how you shop your wares, long as it sounds good
Yes, it’s all about that spicy cuisine
Tell me, why does the grass always seem greener”
— Andrew Bird, gris gris

Hello my little chinchillas! How I’ve missed you, but not nearly as much as you’ve missed me I assume (but I rather not). How is everyone doing? Don’t answer that I don’t have the time.

what do you call a baby rabbit? a bunny?

I HEART this picture so much. CHIMP (check) PUPPY (check) BIG HEADED BABY (check) & BUNNY (check). Here’s the thing, y’all : I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT CHIMP IS HOLDING. I’m assuming it’s a rabbit. It has ear like features of a bunny, and I hope that’s what it is. Because I’d feel too bad if that was a puppy.

I also like to image that this photo was taken in the green room of a 1950s variety show. Please!


"Voodoo Sister No. 7- No.9 GICLEE PRINT 7x9 "

A new batch of prints, “Voodoo Sister Set PRINT 7×9” at my ETSY SHOP! Three different sisters of the voodoo variety!

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. I know the majority of Q&As you do now are you just responding to pictures, soooooo why buck the trend (image below) How cute is this? I know it’s not a monkey and canine, but still. adorable! – Jude (from Cami, NY)

This is making me anxious

It’s more like a “BEFORE” picture. I don’t want to see the “AFTER.”  But thank you for sending the pic anyway!

2.  I know you’re a big Radiohead fan. How do you feel about their 8th album, The King of Limbs? – Christina (from Ashville, NC)

I really like it obviously (the title of this post is a lyric from the new album). I’m still digging into it. But I really am enjoying it, and looking forward to discovering little things I didn’t notice on the first 20 listens as usual with Radiohead albums. YAY.

3. I saw this picture on a friend’s flckr and thought of you instantly! – Drake (from Nova Scotia, Canada)

Things are about to get fatal

I’ve seen that look on so many dogs. “Please I am too intelligent for this shit!” The chimp looks real typical here. Loving his new ride in the fields.

That’s all for today, y’all!


I wouldn’t have it any other way

6 Feb

“So I drifted down to New Orleans / Where I happened to be employed / Workin’ for a while on a fishin’ boat / Right outside of Delacroix” — Bob Dylan, Tangled Blue

Today is the SUPER BOWL, and there is just no way it will be as GLORIOUS as SUPER BOWL 44 was last year (unless you are a packers or steelers fan, but like… why?) I’m not that upset about it because the beautiful & painful thing about time is that what happened can’t be taken back (unless you were bribed in college and have to give your Heisman Trophy back). With that said I do wish I was watching the #SAINTS TWO DAT (repeat SB championship victories back to the back), but alas they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. There’s always NEXT YEAR (a phrase Saints fans know all too well).

HEY! I’m also back here writing to y’all, so if that ain’t good news than what is, right? Let’s just go ahead and make this post SUPER BOWL 45 related (I’ll make an ill-advised prediction at the bottom of this post).

To be fair I’m not going to talk so much about STEELERS vs PACKERS because I love football, but y’all didn’t come here to read a write up about great tackling ability of the Steeler D or the arm of Aaron Rodgers. You came here to listen to me whine (no, that’s not why? my bad). And I’m going to whine about something football lovers and non-football people can relate to.


I couldn't find a single AMERICAN FOOTBALL with a CHIMP. deal with it, I haven't!


There I said it! I’ve been holding that in way too long, y’all. Now why do I find this soooo problematic, you ask? It’s one thing if you love football or shared community experiences that the Super Bowl has heaps of both. But when you’re hosting a SUPER BOWL PARTY not to watch football, but to watch the commercials something is seriously wrong with you. I GET that new commercials premiere during the Super Bowl (smart one, advertisers & devil), but PEOPLE if you ever watch a television for the rest of the year or know what hulu/youtube are you’re going to see these commercials 100 more times before the next SUPER BOWL. So, to have a party just to watch these commercials, well you’ve been DUPED! It’s like buying a tee-shirt with NIKE on it, and that’s all. You’ve JUST paid for the right to advertise for NIKE for free!

Also when people say they just watch the “Super Bowl for the commercials” it’s pretentious like American football is below them, and somehow watching multi-million dollar companies shovel their brand of shit down our throats is more sophisticated then watching a game of chess. If you don’t like football that’s fine. I don’t like golf, but I don’t say I watch the PGA Tour for the hats. I just don’t watch/follow it. Simple.

Soooo, if you’re one of those who say “I just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” then I have to ask do you also know the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes?



"Houses in a Row (Set of Katnawlins Greeting Cards)"

Hey! I’ve started selling card sets of my work. Right now at KATNAWLINS SHOP. I have two card sets: “Houses in a Row” (above) & “Animal Crackers,” and you can get each card in these two sets individually as well. Check out the CARD SECTION at my shop!

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. glad ur back. is this you? (image below) – caroline (from springfield, ma)

Is this me, or just the most amazing ape ever?

Thank you, and thanks for including this picture in your question. Unfortunately, that isn’t me. I wish I had a 10th of the skill of that ape, but one day, maybe? If you added a dog in there that could be my father’s typical Wednesday morning!

2. I’m really enjoying the new quotes using NEW ORLEANS at the head of the posts. I enjoy them more than the monkey business because I feel like you’re better than that tired joke. But to combine your love for chimps & new orleans i’ve included a pic of the two! (image below) – stan (from furd, ny)

Who is this little boy? Why did you give this picture to me? That chimp is working the outfit. FIERCE!

Wow thanks?


My prediction for SUPER BOWL 45 (and don’t hold me to this) GREEN BAY 24 – PITTSBURGH 17. There you have it!

It’s been diffic

One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing

15 Jan

“When my time comes, if I happen to be away, bring me back home to New Orleans and bury me above ground” — Troy Taylor (author of Haunted New Orleans)

“Creole Girl with a Pearl Earring PRINT 8×6”

An AWESOME customer of Katnawlin’s Shop made a post about me in her awesome blog, THE COOLNESS. Y’all should totally check it out when you get a chance!


28 Dec

“We used to say ‘Who dat’ since way back when / Now we’re saying ‘We dat’ every time we win / You can write it down, take a picture, tell a friend / We already done it. We’re gonna do it again” — Rebirth Brass Band

I’m all kinds of happy. I’m sitting here with a sore throat, but with a glow of happiness from last night’s tight game between the NEW ORLEANS #SAINTS against our biggest foes the dirty birds (aka the atlanta falcons). We’re battling it for NFC and NFC South supremacy.

I’ll keep the SAINTS talk to a minimum since I know some of my readers don’t like/care about football. Let’s put it this way. Last nights game took some of the dirty birds swagger away, and nothing bad about that, y’all.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays. Mine have been very nice and chill (too many times i’ve been hungover, but that is what NEW ORLEANS is for I guess.

Happy Holidays! Imagine that this amazing SANTA APE is singing, "All I Want for Christmas is for the SAINTS to go the Superbowl"

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. my favorite thing about your blog are not your words or your humor (cause neither make much sense). what keeps me coming back for more are the pics of monkeys you find. keep em coming! – cici  (from tonka, NJ)

That’s a weird compliment mixed with not so nice things. I’m with you on the monkey/ape pics. I love them clearly. I spent hours of my life trolling the internet looking for these pictures. HOURS! Here is a new cute one I’d say.

I'm trying to figure it out, too

This chimp is wiser than us all. He can write with BOTH HANDS! BOTH! Amazing!

2. yyyyyyyooo mami! I LOVE your new layout. Looks great. Really enjoy the new banner. – Darren (from San Diego, CA)

Thank you, Darren. This might just be one of the nicest things said to me of all things said to me on my blog.


Everyone Deserves to be Loved

I see how you may be confused by this picture, but luckily I’m an expert in chimp picture behavior. First look this picture seems very cute/sweet, and even romantic because it’s in black and white. However, if you are truly paying attention you notice that one chimp is in fact tying the other chimp up in a sexually suggestive way. I think there is true love and respect here, but I also think there is high kink here, too. They really are just like us!

That’s all for today y’all! WHO DAT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS… can’t wait for the playoffs. TWO DAT! I’ll be in the SUPERDOME for the last game of the regular season on January 2nd! I’ll be drunk probs, but also excited to see my boos!

all that glitters is gold

15 Dec

“Way down yonder in NEW ORLEANS . In the land of dreamy scenes. There’s a garden of Eden. You know what I mean.” — Louis Armstrong

Is everyone excited for the holidays? If we’re being real and inclusive then the holidays really already started December 1st was the first day of JEWISH 8 DAYS OF OIL HOLIDAY (it’s famous).

I’ll be in NEW ORLEANS for the holidays as usual. Last year the family went to London to celebrate my parents 25th-anniversary-of-not-killing-each-other-while-living-on-the-under-the-same-roof. It was cold and dreary (thanks ENGLAND). And we missed the annual FAMILY LAST NAME tradition (going strong after three years, The Annual Christmas Eve Party at the FAMILY LAST NAME, which consists of my mom inviting 3 people + family and having tons of party food and a random ham my Nana thinks needs to be there. My sisters and i just look embarrassed at the lack of guests.

This year my middle sister and I are going to wear festive holiday sweaters to keep up us warm and entertained for five minutes. I purchased “classy” versus “classic” holiday sweaters at a LOS ANGELES thrift store on Melrose (they had tons at AMERICAN VINTAGE). Look for an example below:



Do you see what I mean now? these are two very different kinds of sweaters, and I’d be very offended if someone thought the one on the right was the same as the one on the left.  how did i get these words here?

Now that we’ve got that cleared up (thankfully) on to more important & pressing needs.


"I HEART NOLA Shotgun (one of a kind)"

“I HEART NOLA SHOTGUN (one of a kind)” can be purchased at my ETSY SHOP. This colored pencil drawing is just one of many new items in my shop. I have new paintings and holiday ornaments like the ones below!

"SAINTS Holiday Ornament (one of a kind)" & "NOLA Orange Ornament (one of a kind)"

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. have you been able to find any great chimps in a holiday sweater for the season? Cause I can’t find a single one!!! NOT ONE – Lex (from Newport, MA)

It’s been difficult. Very trying actually! TACKY HOLIDAY SWEATERS = hilarious & CHIMPS DOING ANYTHING = hilarious, so you’d think that sweaters + chimps = GOLDMINE. I know, I know. These two pics were the closest I came to finding our dream pictures!

Puppet Monkeys Dressed for the Season - this is disappointing

Imagine that this adorable little chimp had a holiday element to it. maybe those white dots are SNOW!!

I couldn't resist! It is a GREEN sweater/hoodie with a dogggggy!


I think it’s cute. More cute than I should because I also think it looks absolutely stupid. I totally understand from a place of warmth. If you have a dog that has hair instead of fur (i.e. poodles, schnoodles, cockapoos (anything with poodle in it basically) then to keep this animal warm in cold climates something like a doggy sweater or coat is good.

How cute I find the picture is determined by how awesome the dog feels in said picture.

Exhibit A: This schnoodle LOVES their sweater & their owner. Couldn't be more stylish if it tried!

Exhibit B: This pug hates his life & loves his owner (cause all dogs love their owners unless the last name is VICK).

You can also be impressed that both pictures involve HOLIDAY SWEATERS (and one is an example of classy and the other an example of tacky).

3. How about dem boys? You think we gonna two dat? – Flex (from Alexandria, LA)

I would loooooovvvvvvvvveeeee to play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, and BEAT EM!! How awesome would that be if we could beat Manning and Brady in back to back Super Bowls. It’d say a lot about us and for Drew Brees!

So, yes I think we can definitely TWO DAT (for those not a SAINTS fan it just means WIN THE SUPERBOWL). In order to make our lives easier it’d be great to get no. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs, but that will be hard with the dirty birds playing so competently. I do think we can beat them in the Georgiadome. We’re much better than we were when we first played them back in week 3. It’s going to be tough, but we’ve been done this road before and have been VICTORIOUS!

That’s it for now, y’all. HAVE A FABULOUS HOLIDAY, and I’ll see you in 2011 (damn this place is getting mad old!!).

i’m the press conference, you’re a conversation

18 Nov

“About fifteen miles above New Orleans the river goes very slowly. It has broadened out there until it is almost a sea and the water is yellow with the mud of half a continent. Where the sun strikes it, it is golden.” — Frank Yerby

I haven’t been around a lot after being around so much. That’s a pretty cruel joke for me to play on y’all. C’est la vie, readers! (that’s French for “don’t come to me with your first world problems“)


"Hoot DAT Circle Painting"

who dat, who dat say they GONNA BUY THIS REALLY CUTE OWL at my ETSY Shop. Everyone loves the (#SAINTS except those who don’t) and everyone loves Owls (except oclophobics).

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. you found monkey & cat/dog photos!?!??! this is a thing?? bABHAHAHAHAHAA. love the justification, and severely doubt you got all the cat names right. just saying. i’m on both team cat & team dog. there. i said it. – Nidhi (from Mumbai, INDIA)

How can you say you’re both. That’s like saying you’re for evil and good at the same time (yes, I am saying cats = evil and dogs = good). I got ALL of the cats right, pay up, fan! It’s amazing how easy it is to find these photos. I am clearly not the only person obsessed with this heavenly combo of mammal. I just found a new one!

I feel bad for this dog. These little monkeys are real punks, and they think they're cooler than they are. DOUCHE CHILL (the fact this monkey thinks he's actually got this dog on a leash, oh brother!)

2. what did you do during the bye week? i felt like there was nothing to do without my saints playing on sunday! – Robert (from Lake Charles, LA)

Exactly, Robert. It was difficult not to have a week of news much less a game this past sunday with our boys in the black and gold. For those who don’t like football or know much about sports. In the NFL, teams get a week off during the regular 16 games in order to lengthen the season to make more money for the NETWORKS get some much needed rest. I still did my daily reading of Canal Street Chronicles, ESPN-nfl,, and I also paid more attention to the NEW ORLEANS HORNETS (having a very nice start to the season). But of course I also did my photo studying, and I love this!

I love this dog's enthusiasm! GEAUX SAINTS. TWO DAT

That is it for now folks. Next week I’ll be in NEW ORLEANS, LA (jealous?) Maybe I’ll post from there. I will also be at the SAINTS- seahawks game in the dome on sunday (jealous?).

i may be paranoid, but not an android

5 Nov

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
I miss it both night and day
I know that it’s wrong… this feeling’s gettin’ stronger
The longer, I stay away
Miss them moss covered vines…the tall sugar pines
Where mockin’ birds used to sing
And I’d like to see that lazy Mississippi…hurryin’ into spring.” — Louis Armstrong, Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans”

I know I’m supposed to begin each blog now with a quote about New Orleans, but I felt like using Louis Armstrong’s famous song about New Orleans instead, so sue me! OKAY, don’t really. IT’S an EXPRESSION!

Since today is Friday and I don’t give a hoot anymore. I’m going to dedicate this blog post to DOGS vs CATS. It’s one of the oldest feuds on record. You may be asking yourself, reader: HEY, HOW CAN I TRUST THAT KATNAWLINS IS IN FACT QUALIFIED TO EVEN TALK ABOUT THIS? First of all, READER! I’m not qualified to talk about 3/4ths of what I talk about here, and NOW you question my knowledge bank? This might be the only thing I know anything about at all.

Secondly, READER! In my short time on this earth thus far I have owned (or my family as well) SIXTEEN cats & SEVEN dogs. Don’t believe me? Here is the list of names! [side note: we’ve own SEVEN Hamsters, too] My house was a regular old zoo.

1.       Max 

2.       Gretchen

3.       Maggie

4.       Little Blue

5.       Blackey

6.       Sophie

7.       Natasha

8.       Boris

9.       Lili

10.   Tiger

11.   Tiggy

12.   Princess

13.   Kerry-Edwards

14.   Carmen

15.   Kitty

16.   Shelby

1.       Lassie 

2.       Henry

3.       Duma

4.       Angel

5.       Kara

6.       Heidi

7.       Buckley

1.       Ginger 

2.       Phoebe

3.       Lauren

4.       Whisper

5.       Lumpkin

6.       Bonita

7.       Odie

Yeah I grew up in a crazy animal place! Now my family doesn’t really love cats very much. I know that’s hard to comphrend when you see that we have had 16 cats in my lifetime.

We’re those people that other people say “Hey! Can you take my cat? Cause I’m moving and the landlord won’t let me keep my cat. Sooo if you don’t take my cat I’ll have to kill it” OR “We found these 2 abandoned cats if we bring them to the shelter they’ll kill em” OR “Hey, is that an orphaned one month old kitten outside your house post Hurricane Lili? Oh it is… make sure you name the kitten after the hurricane, too. Thanks!” This is how we accumulated that many cats. Because we’re stupid.

Most of the sixteen have passed away from old age. The family still has SIX cats and FOUR dogs. The only dog that we own on accident is Buckley who was saved outside of El Peso, TX on my drive to Los Angeles. He’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever owned, too. So, that time we were awarded.

So, I just did the math… Oh my god that means my family has owned 30 ANIMALS in my lifetime. Y’all we didn’t grow up on a farm or anything. ANYTHING! I know that those 30 animals didn’t all chill with each other. They’re from different points and times, but still this explains my childhood desire to be a zoo keeper (okay just at the age of eight was this a goal, but still).

I realize that I spent most of this blog post not actually arguing that DOGS are better than cats, but instead making my point as to why I’d be the right person to lead this discussion. So, instead of making an argument how about y’all just tell me the comments which you like more. DOGS vs. CATS!!!



Fleur de Elephant PRINT 14"x 10"

I have a bunch of new 10″ x 14″ prints in my ETSY Shop. I’m going to continue to add more prints of various different sizes throughout the rest of the year, so be on the look out, y’all. I know this is what y’all always wanted!!!! So, you’re WELCOME!

DIE-HARD FAN PORTION: Where Y’all get to ask me questions!

You can e-mail me or leave questions for me to answer in the comment section. I love to answer questions- a favorite pass time for me.

1. I’m so excited to see how this GRAND DEBATE between DOGS vs. CATS goes. I for one am on TEAM CAT. Here’s why: cats are independent, cool, and but can still be in sync with their human masters. This picture demonstrates what I’m saying best! – Dek (From Williamsburg, VA)

What a sweet lil kitten with that primate!

I have no idea why that picture makes your case at allll. I wish I did. Yes, that kitten is being very patient with that little monkey, BUT the thing with a single picture is we can’t see the before and after. It’s not a moving picture, so for all we know (and this is likely) in the next second that cat scratched the living shit out of that monkey. SAD!

2. I am totally TEAM DOG, and here’s why. Dogs are: sweet, loyal, compassionate, loving, devoted, awesome, and smart (they can be). This picture clearly shows what I’m talking about! In fact I shouldn’t have that said anything because this picture says it all. – Ashton (From Beaumont, TX)

Man/Primate's Best Friend. Through Thick and Thin

I couldn’t agree more, but I am also heavily biased since I am definitely on TEAM DOG. A cat would never let this picture happen. Maybe a kitten, but not a grown cat, hellllll to the no! That would never happen! Ever!

3. I’m on TEAM DOG. How cute is this? – Ryan (From Dillon, NY).

How cute and patient is this lil pupppppy?

Well umm you can’t just be TEAM DOG because this is a cute picture. There are tons of cute pictures with kittens doesn’t make me like cats anymore. But thank you for writing in and sharing.

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